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December 1 - 5

Posted by Jeffrey C. Jubahib on December 11, 2014 at 1:30 AM Comments comments (0)

1. How do you feel when you were surrendering portions of your life

I will feel comfortable if I am going to surrender one portion of my life toGOD because I know He will take care of everything if you give it all.

2. Was it easy to letting go of them one. Especially the last one? Why?

It is very easy because Iknow I'm surrendering it to God.

3. What insight or lessons did you gain from activity.

Giving everything to God is better than taking care of it by yourself.

4. Will it be easy for you to start a clean slate.

It wouldbe easy since you are surrendering everything to almighty.

December 8 - 12

Posted by Jeffrey C. Jubahib on December 11, 2014 at 1:00 AM Comments comments (0)

On this week we talked about business titles thay we are going to present to the class.

We are tasked to think of a business that is innovative and competetive.

We slso have an activity on this day that we are going to evaluate ourselves with regards to our priorities in life, it couleeither be family, society, communnity and the world. What would be the best thing that we can offer to the almight God those things that we can give up to him.

On this week we started our business plan we made it to a presentation and we presented it to the class.

Out business is all about IT solutions that can provide our customers:

These are our proposed business.

JMP IT Solutions and Hardware Services INC.                     


1.      Refine your Initial Technology-Business Ideausing presentation slides -- 1 each for Pain, Customers/Market, Competition,Solution, Advantage. Add a 6th slide as title slide with names of team members.




People who wants to have their own computer

People who has troublewith their computers

                People who wantstostart a small computer business

                People who wantsto consult with IT related solutions.



                Other big computermarkets like (Octagon,PCWorks, PCWorld,Blinque,etc)

                ManufacturersOfficial Service Centers

                Other smallbusiness who fixes computer problems

                Home ServiceTechnicians



                To providecustomers the computer the will fit to their business or needs

                To provide customersthe solution to their compouter problems

                To providecustomers the absolute satisfaction they need

                To providecustomers knowledge on how to troubleshoot common issues with computers



                Our Service has acomplete package from A-Z

                We Upgrade customersPC that will provide great satisfaction for their daily use

We  Catercustomers requests,

We  Provide solutions for every possibble issuesthat our customers may encounter

We troubleshootbasic up to extreme no matter what  it is

 We update Softwares that will fit for the PC


November 17 - 21

Posted by Jeffrey C. Jubahib on November 21, 2014 at 2:20 AM Comments comments (0)

On the second week of out class we were able to create the video and sent it to the website.

On this week we are separated  by the other section which has a different code, we are only 9 students on the class that remains.

We talked about the future problems that we have locally, nationally and international problems that we can address and solve using technology.

With this week as well we talked about the tour that we are having on January about the industry that we could probably be immerged.

We went to the Mac Lab and do some research about the current problems that we have we did it but most of us ended up by doing some selfies on the Mac Computer.

November 10 - 14

Posted by Jeffrey C. Jubahib on November 17, 2014 at 9:50 AM Comments comments (1)

Hi there ,:D

Actually on the first week of this subject which is Technopreneurship I was really late on the class because I was enrolled late on this subject. I thought I will miss to take it this term because the subject was already closed. Good thing is that I've heared from some of my classmates that the program has opened a new code for those people who haven't enrolled yet. I went to DataCom to confirm because I was really frustrated that time thinking that I'm gonna miss OJT this summer if I fail to enroll this subject and finish. News was confirmed and there was a smile on my face for having the chance to take it. Ma'am Yara confirmed there is an open suject with the same room and same schedule. I rushed to the Addmission center for Adding subject. I have successfully enrolled the subject at around 12 noon November 12, It was like Wednesday the 3rd day since the start of the class, and then went to the class an hour after with joy  coz I really prayed for it honestly. 

We have discussed about innovations and talked about people who are successful in terms of technopreneur. One thing that I have observed is that most of the richest people in the world belongs to business that is related to technology, of course who doesn't know Bill Gates who became one of the richest person in the world, Mark Zuckerberg the youngest billionaire who is the ccurrent CEO and founder of facebook. Top 10 list of billionairs are really related to internet  or if not it's into IT related business like online shop like Amazon and EBay. What about Google? It's pretty big business though.

I was  thinking yeah! why not If someday I can put up my own business that will really click and could possibly bring me to the brightest stage of Techno business. Anyways that was just a dream but everything is possible so lets just not stop believing. Yeah going back since we talked about innovation, we were tasked to think of a product that will possibly innovate and could click to consumers. We come up with a technology which is we know they are present on the gadgets but what we did was we integrate each feature from one another to make it more billiant and innovative. Our brilliant minds came up to discuss about making a Pen that can scan and print images for taking notes and it has feature like with Windows digital assistance which is Cortana as well as Apple's Siri. We came up with an idea and say why not though? We have presented it and it was approved.

Well next step is to show how it works and to present it to the class. Still working on it.

See yah next blog.

xXv :D