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December 8 - 12

Posted by Jeffrey C. Jubahib on December 11, 2014 at 1:00 AM

On this week we talked about business titles thay we are going to present to the class.

We are tasked to think of a business that is innovative and competetive.

We slso have an activity on this day that we are going to evaluate ourselves with regards to our priorities in life, it couleeither be family, society, communnity and the world. What would be the best thing that we can offer to the almight God those things that we can give up to him.

On this week we started our business plan we made it to a presentation and we presented it to the class.

Out business is all about IT solutions that can provide our customers:

These are our proposed business.

JMP IT Solutions and Hardware Services INC.                     


1.      Refine your Initial Technology-Business Ideausing presentation slides -- 1 each for Pain, Customers/Market, Competition,Solution, Advantage. Add a 6th slide as title slide with names of team members.




People who wants to have their own computer

People who has troublewith their computers

                People who wantstostart a small computer business

                People who wantsto consult with IT related solutions.



                Other big computermarkets like (Octagon,PCWorks, PCWorld,Blinque,etc)

                ManufacturersOfficial Service Centers

                Other smallbusiness who fixes computer problems

                Home ServiceTechnicians



                To providecustomers the computer the will fit to their business or needs

                To provide customersthe solution to their compouter problems

                To providecustomers the absolute satisfaction they need

                To providecustomers knowledge on how to troubleshoot common issues with computers



                Our Service has acomplete package from A-Z

                We Upgrade customersPC that will provide great satisfaction for their daily use

We  Catercustomers requests,

We  Provide solutions for every possibble issuesthat our customers may encounter

We troubleshootbasic up to extreme no matter what  it is

 We update Softwares that will fit for the PC


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